JCTWEB developed one of the first CMS

JCTWEB has a highly talented team of developers, designers and programmers who work on unique applications for our clients. But they also work on applications for our own use.

In 2002, JCTWEB introduced a revolutionary product. Called REAgent, it was a content management system for real estate agents and brokers. Filled with fully functional modules, the agents could build complex websites at a fraction of the normal cost. It lives on today in its successor, Rapid-RealEstate, as part of RapidVector.

JCTWEB web developers create a .NET 1.0 based CMS

Following the success of REAgent, JCTWEB’s team of web developers utilized the Microsoft software to create SBPro. SBPro allowed virtually anyone to design websites with multiple functionalities. The web development team created a top end event manager and e-commerce modular system to compliment SBPRO.

Following quickly on the heels of SBPRO, the company used the Microsoft .NET 1.0 program to build an even better content management system, RapidVector 1.0. Filled with over 50 modules, this program offered greater flexibility, faster loading, and a better control panel.

Fourth generation CMS using .Net 2.0

RapidVector® is our fourth generation integrated content management system (CMS) and designing program. Easily accessible and flexible to your needs, your site will never stop growing with RapidVector®. Quickly build your business website with unlimited pages and over 50 functional modules. Built on .Net 2.0 and using advanced caching techniques, RapidVector 2.0 loads with lighting fast speed.

The program was created in part so that our web designer partners could literally build websites and manage the billing from one program.

RapidVector® CMS has an icon driven control panel that works fast. Any web designer will like the new dashboard and accounting system. The modules are intuitive and each has a complete user's manual. RapidVector® allows users to easily add modules and applications such as RSVP event manager, e-commerce catalogs, shopping carts, blogs, forums, membership, survey, banner manager, document manager, and many more.

In 2009 we upgraded several modules as our clients came up with new ideas. As a RapidVector user, your website always has access to the latest improvements.

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