Professional SEO Writing — the Key to Getting Found Online

Organic, original content with a professional gloss is the main ingredient to getting found on search engines. Search engines like Google use complex algorithms to process scans of all web pages. It then ranks the relevancy of your site to a particular search.

The search engine robot can only read text, so loading your site with images and Flash is all for naught. At JCTWeb, our copywriters write clear, concise content for your site. It is specifically designed to attract search engine attention. And it must be easily read by humans as well.

Professional copywriting versus your writing

Generally speaking, search engines look for a minimum of 250 words per page for it to understand what the page is about. This can be a surprisingly tasking assignment, particularly for business owners who may not have the time or the skills to write in a cohesive, professional manner. That’s what our copywriters are for.

Our process of writing organic content and weaving specific search engine oriented keywords into the text is part art, part science, and part magic. Thanks to our professional copywriting, your web site’s content will sound natural while having a few tricks up its sleeve to get the extra attention it deserves.

SEO copywriting for people to read

Writing for search engines is important, but just because you get people to your site doesn’t mean they will buy your product. Our writing is aimed to sell your prospective customers as well as get search engine rankings. We write your site in a way that forces potential customers into action in an easy-to-read fashion that will keep them hooked from the first headline.

Each project is assigned a professional copywriter. Our professionals will understand your product and work closely with you to make sure every nook and cranny about your business is covered.

Don’t let just anyone write your Web site. Get the best — get JCTWeb.

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