How Website Search Engine Optimization Works

Search engines use proprietary algorithms to determine how and where to list a particular Web site on their results listing page. The algorithms are based on several different factors that are constantly changing on a weekly and monthly basis. However, good content that is relevant to the search is always effective.

Implement proper search engine optimization techniques into the development of your Web site and use a well-designed, link building marketing campaign to generate a higher search engine position. These overall link building strategies are what really create your online presence. Your online presence is what fuels your search engine rankings.

The secret to successful SEO is doing it right. It’s a long process and there are no shortcuts. Search engines use change regularly. JCTWEB is known as one of the premier Internet marketing companies in Florida.

How we build your Internet marketing plan

Website Review

We do a thorough review of your site and fix any broken links, non-optimized titles, missing tags or non-optimized link structures that could negatively affect optimization.


We research and determine what keywords and phrases people use when looking for products and services similar to yours. Often this produces a glossary for developing good Internet marketing copy.

Internet Marketing Competition Analysis

We proactively study and analyze competitors’ websites that have undergone search engine optimization so we can better target and finalize a more effective SEO strategy for your Web site.

Add Meta Tags

Once the keywords that will lead users to your site have been identified, we weave them into your site’s pages and place them in locations where search engines look for them.

SEO On-page Optimization

We use a labor intensive process to build the structure and format of your Web site. Our objective is to make it easy for search engine robots to read your and cache your progress.

Internet Link Building

Because search engines place a lot of importance in the number of sites that link to yours, pages with reciprocal links will boost your site’s ranking. A good link exchange campaign is the key to achieving good rankings for competitive keywords. Our link building program includes:

  • Identifying potential link partners — we find websites which complement your content and have a good search engine presence
  • Securing the link exchange — we contact the webmasters or site owners of potential link partners and attempt to build reciprocal link relationship
Search engine and directory submissions

Our search engine optimization campaign involves systematic submissions, done manually, to the top search engines and hundreds of directories, driving traffic and interest in your site.

Routine SEO analysis and tweaking

Too many SEO companies optimize your site and then walk away. But search engine standards constantly change and when they do, your site’s ranking — and traffic — will fall off.

That’s why we offer a long-term solution to SEO by regularly fine-tuning your site based on changing traffic, ranking trends and new algorithms. That way your site always meets the latest standards employed by the major search engines.

Be sure to ask your JCTWEB representative about our competitive monthly Internet marketing program.

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