Grow Your Business with Email Marketing Services

Anybody can send out a bunch of emails to a bulk email list, but not just anybody can create a campaign that produces results. JCTWEB provides the easiest way to build, target, send, and track a small business e-mail marketing campaign that will help you reach new potential clients.

The emails that you send out are an extension of your small business. Is your email campaign sending the message you want to portray? Are you consistent with your current branding? How do you differentiate yourself from all the email marketing everyone gets throughout the day?

Business email marketing without SPAM

Your current clients are your company's most valuable resource for new business. You don't want to send them emails and have your IP-address get marked as SPAM. So how can you differentiate your email marketing campaign from spam and avoid sending the same boring emails over and over again, never to be read?

Here are a few questions to think about when running an email campaign:

  • Do you have a clear “call-to-action”?
  • Do you have a captivating subject line?
  • Do you have a targeted landing page specifically for the email sent?
  • Are you pitching a sale or trying to be a resource of information?

Our company is here to help you maximize your return on your unique email marketing campaign. Click to get your email marketing campaign started today.

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